Planetary SimulationsΒΆ

SWIFT is also designed for running planetary simulations with a current focus on giant impacts, as introduced in Kegerreis et al. (2019), MNRAS 487:4.

Active development is ongoing of more features and examples for planetary simulations, so please let us know if you are interested in using SWIFT or have any implementation requests.

You can find an example simulation in swiftsim/examples/Planetary/ under EarthImpact/, as well as some hydro tests for comparison with other schemes. The tabulated equation of state files can be downloaded using EoSTables/

Planetary simulations are currently intended to be run with SWIFT configured to use the planetary hydrodynamics scheme and equations of state: --with-hydro=planetary and --with-equation-of-state=planetary. These allow for multiple materials to be used, chosen from the several available equations of state.